An Overview

Teaching with Capsim®; Simulations in Business Management Courses.

Use the Capsim® Simulation Experience to enhance, integrate and validate learning in business management courses.

The Capsim® business simulations, Capstone®, Foundation®, and Comp-XM are the world's best selling business simulation. Over 500 schools trust the Capsim® business simulations in their curriculum and nearly 600,000 students have learned from them.

Our programs are:

  • Realistic and challenging to enrich the students' learning experience.
  • Intellectually and emotionally engaging for students.
  • Economical and easy to deliver.

Our Business simulations are designed to:

  • Facilitate knowledge retention.
  • Engage participants in rewarding, memorable experiences.
  • Build collaboration skills.
  • Generate high levels of participant satisfaction.

The Foundation® simulation experience is an engaging, immersive exploration of core business processes. Foundation® introduces business fundamentals in research and development, marketing, production, finance, strategy, tactics, leadership and teamwork.


The Capstone® simulation experience is richer in scope than Foundation®, yet similar in structure. Participants in a Capstone® business simulation find themselves faced with more strategy-based decision making because of the introduction of more products, more market segments and advanced modules in labour negotiation and marketing.


The Comp-XM simulation experience is an exam, is taken individually, and helps schools demonstrate Assurance of Learning. It is a condensed business simulation and is generally given near the end of a course - a good time to assess business judgement and analytical skills. Comp-XM has two components / parts: a four-round simulation, and series of board query questions that are generated from the unique results of each student's decisions.