The SmartThink®! Program

Enhance participants' professional and personal effectiveness as leaders to stay ahead of the curve in fluid and competitive times through the use of Strategic Thinking, Innovation and Creativity.

Intended Audience.

Middle, Senior and Top level Leaders.

Our Middle and Senior Managers are often the linchpin that holds together front-line staff and senior executives. They feel the pressure of expectations and pressures from both levels, and, from a development perspective – are one of the most vital layers of the organization. The SmartThink Program aims to titillate, energize and develop the potential for strategic thinking, innovation and creativity for this exceedingly important part of our organization's human capital – a valuable investment for future growth, competitiveness and profitability.


  • Engender fresh and powerful thinking
  • Uncover potential and create opportunities
  • Understand and profit from change
  • Out think the competition
  • Nurture and Sustain Innovation
  • Conceptualize complexity
  • Connect phenomena

Quick Facts:

  • The SmartThink® Program has two modules:
    • Strategic Thinking: a one day face to face program
    • Innovation and Creativity: a one day face to face program
    You can choose to do either or both of the modules. One is not a prerequisite for the other.
  • Duration: An intense and transformational program: one, two and three day formats
  • Average Batch Size: 24. Range: 12 to 40 participants
  • Location : In-house program at location provided by client organization
  • Language: English only
  • Investment: Dependent on scope, content, coverage and customization

Program Overview:

Harnessing Strategic Thinking, Innovation and Creativity to stay ahead of the curve in a fluid and competitive world.

Intelligent and adaptive are the defining imperatives of businesses today. Progressive organizations are defining new markets and breaking into them with pioneering products and services. Going forward some will identify and seize opportunities where others will see insurmountable challenges.

Our managers' abilities to think strategically, innovatively and creatively is turning out to be foundational and inescapable skill to navigate this dynamic maze.

Are our middle and senior level managers leaders or followers? Do they have the perspicacity, skills and confidence to take us ahead in the coming years? Are they ahead of the curve of running to play catch? Are they able to clearly see, identify with and impact key issues? Do they appreciate how the business context and larger picture changes every day and why we need to commit now to decisions which will play out in the future? Can they contribute to that picture within their spheres of activity and influence? Can they help create a winning future? Are they able to apply fresh ideas, perspectives and connexions into their thinking and actions? Can they observe, connect and deduce intelligently from the multitude of phenomena around them?

Strategic Thinking, Innovation and Creativity elevates good managers and leaders to exceptional performers.

This program will help participant organizations develop a cogent plan for the growth and sustainability of the organization with a more insightful and engaged middle and senior management team.

Benefits to the Individual:

  • Improved market-based decision making skills in fluid and competitive markets
  • Improved problem-solving based on customer needs, competitor information and company data
  • Identifying opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship in the organizational context, and how to harness them for competitive advantage
  • A clearer understanding of and identification with the company's strategy and tactics
  • Insights into topical issues, concepts and frameworks in the study and practice of strategy and innovation that will support a business into the future
  • Build confidence and skill in operating in the strategy and innovation arena: develop a flexible and strategic bent of mind
  • Take the perspective of being a strategic leader versus a tactical manager

Benefits to Your Organization:

Strategic thinking, innovation and creativity elevates good leaders to exceptional performers. This program will help participant organizations:

  • Turn tactical managers into strategic leaders
  • Engender fresh and powerful thinking and capture the competitive benefits of strategic thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship in the workplace
  • Develop Leaders who can :

  • Recognize opportunities, evaluate potential and create value
  • Foster growth and innovation and respond effectively to new circumstances
  • Make more confident and creative decisions in pursuit of profitable growth
  • Develop a long-term plan for the growth and sustainability of the organization with a more insightful, astute, confident and engaged middle and senior management team.

How we Engage With You: A Guarantee


We partner with you to prepare your organization for where it's going in the future. Our current research based content, application oriented initiatives and tools for self audit and change result in enhanced individual and organizational effectiveness: an outcome we firmly affirm and guarantee. We guarantee you a free repeat of the program or a full refund in case you are not satisfied with the program.